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    The front page of our website.

  • General Contact Information
    KCDHH's mailing address, phone numbers, videophone number, fax number, and email addresses.
  • Contact Us
    • General Requests.
    • STATE AGENCIES ONLY - Interpreting, Captioning, and VRI Requests.
    • Telecommunications Access Program Requests.
    • DeaFestival Information Requests.
    • Visor Card Requests.


  • About Hearing Loss
    Understanding hearing loss. Statistics and facts.
  • Demographics/Statistics
    Kentucky Deaf and Hard of Hearing Demographics.
  • Assistive Technology
    About assistive technology, assistive technology laws, finding assistive technology, and Kentucky resources for assistive technology.
    • Assistive Devices
      Assistive devices for people with hearing loss.
    • Captioning
      Captioning information: Captioning explained, captioning resources, captioning at the movies, real-time captioning, etc.
    • Hearing Aids
      Information on hearing aids; choosing a hearing aid, financial assistance for hearing aids, hearing aids for children, and other resources.
    • Cochlear Implants
      About cochlear implants; FDA approved manufacturers, Kentucky and National resources.
  • Communication Tips
    Tips for communicating with people who have hearing loss.
  • Hospital Communication Kit
    Resources and information pertaining to effective communication in medical situations.
  • Communication Cards
    About the Visor Communication Card, ICE Communication Card, and the Communication Card.
  • Sign Language Information
    Resources and information about sign language.
  • Organizations
    Listings of Kentucky, National, International, and other state agencies serving deaf and hard of hearing people.



  • Information & Advocacy
    • Your Rights and the Law
      Your rights, the Americans with Disabilities Act, federal and state laws.
    • Advocacy
      Advocating yourself, where to get help, how to file a complaint when your rights are violated, etc.
    • Education
      Information and resources concerning education for the deaf and hard of hearing.
    • Parents
      Various resources for parents of deaf and hard of hearing children.
    • Mental Health
      Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mental Health Resources
    • Emergency Preparedness
      About deaf and hard of hearing emergency preparedness for various emergency situations.
    • Information & Advocacy FAQ
      Answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Bulletin Board
    • Press Releases
      Recent press releases concerning KCDHH or deaf and hard of hearing issues.
    • Announcements
      Community announcements which affect deaf and hard of hearing Kentuckians.
    • Job Opportunities
      Current job vacancies in the deaf and hard of hearing field or jobs which are ideal for deaf and hard of hearing people.
    • Calendar of Events
      Various upcoming special events for deaf and hard of hearing people or events which will provide accommodations to the deaf and hard of hearing community.
  • Vlog
    "Community Speaks", a deaf and hard of hearing discussion forum. Various topics are posted in ASL signed/captioned videos and the community is encouraged to post comments.
  • Public Videophones
    Public videophones are available at KCDHH, during business hours only, to deaf and hard of hearing Kentuckians.
  • DeaFestival
    The pages of our flagship event, the biennial Kentucky DeaFestival sponsored by the Knowledge Center on Deafness.
  • Knowledge Center on Deafness
    Knowledge Center on Deafness explained; purpose, goals, etc.