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Executive Office

Ms. Virginia L. Moore

Ms. Virginia L. Moore – Executive Director

Virginia has been with KCDHH since 1995, serving first as the Executive Director’s Interpreter, then as State Interpreter Administrator before being appointed as Executive Director in 2009. Born into a socially active deaf family, she has been shaped by the culture and language. Virginia graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and holds several interpreter certifications, including National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Master Certification, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) CI/CT Certification and a National Interpreter Certification (NIC).

In addition to her duties as Executive Director, Virginia also coordinates the biennial DeaFestival-Kentucky event, presented by KCDHH and the Knowledge Center on Deafness.


Ms. Anita Dowd

Featured in:

KCDHH Spotlight Q&A
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January 2022

Ms. Anita Dowd – Executive Staff Advisor

Anita oversees the Information, Referral and Advocacy Department, and has worked for KCDHH since 1998. She enjoys traveling around the state sharing presentations related to hearing loss for various organizations and agencies. She is also passionate about advocating for deaf and hard of hearing issues. Anita attended Gallaudet University and graduated from Eastern Kentucky University. She has two awesome daughters that also have hearing loss. She lives in Lawrenceburg with her youngest daughter and her four-legged family: two cats, two rats and a dog, but everyone knows this can change at any moment. She has also owned a snake, a turtle and she’s thinking about adopting a few chickens!



Executive Secretary II




Office of Administrative Support

The KCDHH Office of Administrative Support staff works closely with the Executive Director and assists with all functions of the agency, including legislative, budgetary and administrative duties to support the Commission Board and keep the agency running on a daily basis. This office is the backbone of the entire agency and supports the other offices as they complete their responsibilities to the consumers we serve.


Policy Specialist



Ms. Rachel Morgan

Ms. Rachel Morgan – Executive Staff Interpreter

Rachel has worked as an interpreter in several states, and holds National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Level IV and National Interpreter Certification (NIC). In her experiences interpreting, she has developed an appreciation of the changes in the profession and the strengthening of the partnership between the deaf community and interpreting profession. Rachel, a daughter of deaf parents, joined KCDHH in 2002, and her main duties are providing interpreting services and managing the budgetary and financial aspects of the agency with the Executive Director. She loves the arts and spends any extra time she has with her children.



Office of Equitable Access / Telecommunications Access Program (TAP)

The Access Center (AC) provides services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals throughout the state. The AC coordinates quality interpreting services for state agencies across the Commonwealth and is mandated to serve only state agencies. The primary purpose of the AC is to streamline the process of requesting interpreter/captioner providers for state agencies, thus saving funds by centralizing scheduling efforts. AC coordination services are provided at no cost to individual state agencies. The Access Center is also a valuable resource for interpreters and people who want to become interpreters.

The Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) provides residents of Kentucky, who are deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired or have both a hearing and vision loss, with landline or wireless equipment to make communication on the telephone more accessible.

Ms. Rachel Rodgers

Ms. Rachel Rodgers – Interpreter Referral Specialist

Rachel schedules interpreters for state agencies and also administers the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) test at our office. If you are interested in becoming a sign language interpreter, she would love to provide you with information to get you started on that path! Rachel is the mother of Riley, born in July 2012, and she enjoys being a mommy. In the little spare time she has, she loves to go out for a run.


Ms. Tashina Crowe

Ms. Tashina Crowe – Interpreter I

Tashina, a nationally certified interpreter, assists with various day-to-day operations in the office and is the driving force behind preparing the staff and commissioners for commission meetings. She began working at KCDHH in April 2015 and is a proud graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in the Interpreter Training Program along with a minor in Psychology. Tashina lives in Lexington with her husband and son.


Ms. Jessica Endler Smith

Ms. Jessica Endler Smith – TAP Program Coordinator

Jessica joined KCDHH in July 2013 after working in her family’s restaurant and in medical coding with Robley Rex Veterans Administration Hospital. She assists Cole with running Telecommunication Access Program duties. She graduated Jefferson Community and Technical College with a certification in medical billing/coding. Originally from Louisville, Jessica lives in Shelbyville with her husband and their four children. She is pursuing a degree in her spare time.



Administrative Specialist II



Ms. Toni Jo Stinson

Ms. Toni Jo Stinson - Document Processing Specialist I

Toni Jo joined KCDHH in December 2018 after working with deaf senior citizens and participating in senior citizen study groups at KCDHH for the previous few years. She’s assisting Jessica and Cole in running the Telecommunication Access Program. She’s originally from Cincinnati, Ohio where she graduated from St. Rita School for the Deaf and attended College of Mt. St. Joseph. She moved to Louisville, Kentucky in 2000 to raise her two daughters.



Office of Information Services

The KCDHH Office of Information and Advocacy is a valuable resource for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, their friends and family, and anyone interested in learning more about the issues related to hearing loss. Contact us if you need information, would like us to do a presentation for your group, feel your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act have been violated or have other questions related to hearing loss.

Ms. Jayna Oakley

Ms. Jayna Oakley – Information Office Supervisor

Jayna, who joined the staff in January 2016, will be involved in researching, designing, writing, photographing, editing and distributing printed and verbal communications, materials, press releases, brochures, booklets, etc, as well as tracking, planning, developing and evaluating the public relations programs throughout the state. Jayna received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Kentucky and has spent the last 15 years fundraising for national nonprofits. She lives in Lexington and enjoys spending time with her family, especially her parents and "Grannie."


Ms. Emily Kimbell

Ms. Emily Kimbell – Information Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Emily joined KCDHH as an Information Program Coordinator in June 2012 after working two years as a special education teacher aide in the Hickman County school system. In her day-to-day job duties, Emily helps empower deaf and hard of hearing individuals, directing them to resources to help improve their access to effective communication in a variety of settings. Since graduating from Gallaudet University in 2007, the Paducah native has worked with deaf and hard of hearing students in a deaf school as well as a public school setting. In her spare time, Emily loves coaching and attending basketball games.


Mr. Blake Noland

Mr. Blake Noland – Information Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Blake began working at KCDHH in July 2012, and is a proud 2011 graduate of Gallaudet University, having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies, with a minor in Photography. He enjoys his position as Information Coordinator; being an advocate, to educate public businesses about Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and equal communication access for the deaf and hard of hearing community! Blake lives in his hometown, Louisville, where he stays active with his Australian Shepherd named Zora, and exploring life in Kentucky’s largest city.



Information Technology

The KCDHH Information Technology Office manages the agency’s internal network, the Web server and Web site, computers, printers, videoconferencing equipment, and other on-site technology. This office also researches technology available for the deaf and hard of hearing population.

Mr. Jim Rivard

Mr. Jim Rivard – Network Analyst II

Jim joined KCDHH in February 2008. Originally from New York, he attended and graduated from Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, D.C. He then attended Gallaudet University, Eastern Kentucky University and Wichita State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. After working in the social services field for several years, he fell into information technology and never looked back. Jim obtained various certifications in computing and started working exclusively in information technology.