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Real ID Updates video. Go to the Smart911 and Emergency Dispatch Centers page. Image of an iPad screen. Image of woman strggling to hear on a phone. Image of a veteran struggling to hear. Image of a Kentucky county map.

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Watch a video entitled, TAP Advisory Board Vacancies.

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Read about the TAP Advisory Board

Clear Mask Applications

Go to The Clear Mask page for information about applying for clear masks.

Apply for clear masks for nursing home employees who serve deaf and hard of hearing patients.

Deaf and hard of hearing people can apply for clear masks for themselves.


CDC's ASL Video Series on COVID-19 Related Topics

Go to the COVID-19 ASL Video Series at YouTube.

Read an article about Apple Stores offering interpreting support.

Apple Stores Offering Free Sign Language Interpreter Appointments

"Apple is now offering prescheduled support from sign language interpreters at hundreds of its retail stores in nearly a dozen countries. The service is provided to customers by appointment at no cost."

Thanks to Apple, you can now get ASL signed support in-person at an Apple store for your TAP provided iPhone or iPad, or even your own purchased iPhone, iPad, or Mac computers. Just be sure to schedule your interpreter with an Apple store in advance.

Epidemiology Video Series

COVID-19 Tracing

COVID-19 Important Links

Kentucky’s COVID-19 Website

Virginia Moore’s Daily Video Updates

Governor Andy Beshear’s News Page

COVID-19 Resources for Deaf Community

Medical Communication Access

Coronavirus ASL Hotline


Governor Andy Beshear’s Facebook Page

CDC Coronavirus ASL Video Series

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Video-Based Telehealth Accessibility

Mental Health Telehealth

Linguabee: Free VRI Services at Test Sites

COVID-19 Hotline (800) 722-5725

The COVID-19 hotline is operated by healthcare professionals at the Kentucky Poison Control Center. They can provide advice and answer questions. Please be patient as are handling a high volume of calls.

Go to Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services to read about Kentucky Drive-thru testing.

Access to Drive-through COVID-19 Testing Sites

A transportation service to take people with disabilities needing transportation to COVID-19 testing sites has been announced today. It is a partnership between the Department for Aging and Independent Living and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. This service will take participants to and from a scheduled COVID testing appointment.

Call 877-925-0037 to start the application process and learn more about the program.

You can also watch a YouTube video to learn more now.

This service will cover people who may not qualify for Medicaid to get needed transportation to local, free drive-thru testing sites.

Big thanks to DAIL and the Transportation Cabinet for making this happen!

Read a letter from Urgent Care Centers of Kentucky regarding the COVID-19 Uninsured Patient Program.

Download a COVID-19 Communication Card to print for personal use.Watch our ASL signed and captioned coronavirus update videos.
Go to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline website.

Download a flyer about Virtual Hearing Helpers: free tutoring services.

Please allow me to introduce Matthew and Jason Nejat, brothers from Long Island who both have a bilateral hearing loss and have created the Virtual Hearing Helpers Program. They are offering help by connecting with hearing impaired students that are struggling by providing free, one-on-one, virtual sessions in which they provide homework help and tutoring in all core classes for grades 4-9.

Coffee Chat: Most recent vlogs.

Watch a video screenshot entitled, REAL ID Update.

Watch a video entitled, Dr. Stack: COVID Vaccine.

Watch a video entitled, Happy Holidays 2020.

Coffee Chat: Self-Advocacy Series.

Watch a video entitled, "Self-Advocacy Series."

Watch a video entitled, "Introduction to Protection and Advocacy."

Watch a video entitled, "Protection and Advocacy: Education."

Watch a video entitled, "Protection and Advocacy:Advocating for the Youth."

Watch a video entitled, "Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency: Senior Care Facilities."

Watch a video entitled, "P&A: Intake Procedure."

Watch a video entitled, "Protection and Advocacy:Advocating for the Adult."

Watch a video entitled, "Protection and Advocacy:Voting Explained."

Watch a video entitled, "Protection and Advocacy:Voter Fraud."

A woman signing the word "interpreter".


Check out information about finding an interpreter or captioner and how to become a captioner in Kentucky.

State - For state agencies only

Private - For doctors, lawyers, churches, and other service providers

Consumer - For individuals who wish to hire their own interpreters/CART providers

A sample of TAP devices.


Improve the quality of your daily communications with an amplified, captioned or speech enhanced telephone, TTY, or wireless device at no cost to you. Let us help you get started on the right track toward better communication with friends and loved ones.

Who is eligible

How to apply

Equipment list

Hands signing the word "advocate".

Information & Advocacy

As a deaf or hard of hearing individual or parent of a deaf or hard of hearing child, it's important to know your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. We can show you how to advocate for yourself or your loved ones to receive equal treatment under the law.


Workshops and Training

Need help?