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Presentations and Workshops

Image of group of people listening to a presentation.

Do you feel your staff could benefit from some sensitivity training? Do your employees need tips on how to work with a co-worker that has a hearing loss? Does your facility need to know what is required of them when they work with deaf/hard of hearing individuals? Are your deaf/hard of hearing students in need of some self-advocacy training?

KCDHH staff does presentations, workshops and trainings on many topics related to hearing loss. Below is a partial list of topics and titles we have on hand. If you feel you need something more tailored for your situation/audience, we are more than happy to create something to fit your needs.

Whether you need a one hour presentation or an all day workshop, just let us know by submitting an online general request form.



Workshop Topics


Advocacy - “Navigating Advocacy”

Deaf Awareness - “Deafness 101”

Deaf Culture


Deaf Patients - “Deaf/Hard of Hearing Patients…Are You Ready?"

Domestic Violence - “Working with Victims Who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing”

Emergency Preparedness - “WARNING: Communication Barriers Ahead”

Employment - “Working Effectively with Deaf/Hard of Hearing Employees”

Empowerment - “Dare 2 Dream”


KCDHH Telecommunications Access Program

Leadership - “The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Leadership”

Self Advocacy - “If Life Gives You Lemons…”

Sensitivity Training“Invisible Intolerance”