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Kentucky Relay Service

In 1991, the Kentucky General Assembly charged the Public Service Commission with the responsibility of establishing a Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) Program in Kentucky. The purpose of TRS is to relay calls between deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired individuals who use a TTY, Captel or VCO to communicate on the telephone. TRS is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week service, allowing the consumer to "talk" to anyone, anytime, anywhere without having to worry about communication barriers. It uses a third party, a "communications assistant" (CA), to relay messages back and forth between individuals.

Video Relay Services (VRS) are also available, allowing consumers using American Sign Language to communicate in their native language through video interpreters.

Picture of a relay operator.

If you have concerns or comments about Kentucky’s TRS please contact
Jeb Pinney at the Public Service Commission.



Hamilton Relay logo Kentucky Relay logo

Dial 7-1-1* or use these toll free numbers

TTY: 1-800-648-6056
Voice: 1-800-648-6057
Speech to Speech: 1-888-244-6111
Spanish to Spanish: 1-866-490-4403

* Some office phone systems do not work with 7-1-1.
The above numbers are alternatives customized to callers' needs.


To call a CapTel® user:

For more information:

Kentucky Relay Customer Care

To call customer care:

Note: Hamilton does not provide Video Relay or Internet Relay services for TRS. They do have Internet CapTel services. You can go to to get more information on those services.