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Emergency Preparedness

An image depicting various natural disasters.

Disasters, whether they happen in our homes or communities, do not operate on a schedule, so it is important to be prepared when they strike.

KCDHH established a study group to address ways to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing Kentuckians are alerted, informed, protected and empowered before, during and after an emergency or disaster. After attending the Accessible Emergency Notification and Information: State of the Science conference at Gallaudet University in November of 2005, KCDHH asked for permission to post these fact sheets on our website giving the appropriate credit.

The CEPIN (Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network) project was supported by a cooperative agreement administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness.

Red Cross: Preparing To Go To A Shelter
Deaf And Hard Of Hearing

Click image below to watch the video at YouTube.



For Lexingtonians: "Accessible Hazard Alert System (AHAS)"

Click image below to watch the video from LexAlerts.

Go to BeReady's website for more information.



Deaf and Hard of Hearing Disaster Preparedness Video (Signed and captioned)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Emergency Readiness Guide

Grab 'n' Go!

Receiving Information in an Emergency: Televisions

Text Alerts & 9-1-1


911 Fact Sheet

Public Health Home Flooding Safety Guidelines

Public Health Home Flooding Safety Guidelines (Spanish)

Carbon Monoxide Fact Sheet

Carbon Monoxide Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Smoke & Fire Safety

Which smoke alarm is best for you?

Beware of the Dangers from Alternative Heating Sources during Power Outages








Extreme Cold

Extreme Heat


Home Heating Winter Safety Tips




Winter Storms

NOAA Weather Radios

Helpful weather/emergency alert apps for your iPhone/iPad:

The Weather Channel

National Weather Service

There are currently many other emergency alert apps available for smartphones and there are new ones being developed and released over time. Search for them regularly to find one that best fits your needs.