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Public Videophone

Public VP

KCDHH offers a public videophone that can be used by making an appointment. This allows deaf, hard of hearing and the general public to use videophone (VP) equipment to connect with others.

What is a videophone (VP)?

A man and a woman communicating on a videophone.

A videophone (VP) is a phone with video capability. VPs allow you to see who you are speaking with in realtime video. It is a form of communication that uses a high-speed internet connection. It allows the VP user to connect to another VP user or make a call through video relay interpreter (VRI).

What is Video Relay Interpreting (VRI)?

The deaf consumer can also use the public VP to call via Video Relay Interpreting (VRI). VRI also uses video equipment to provide sign language interpreting services. The interpreter uses a head set to hear what the hearing person is saying and signs to the deaf person, who is watching the interpreter on VP. When the deaf person replies, the interpreter sees and voices the interpretation. The deaf and hearing person can talk back and forth, just as if the interpreter was in the same room. With VRI, both the deaf and hearing person can be in different locations or the same location, with the interpreter providing services from a remote location.

Why does KCDHH have a Public VP?

Some areas in Kentucky still do not have internet services and video phone services require a high speed internet connection.

The KCDHH public VP gives consumers an opportunity to use updated technology and services that will allow them to conduct business and facilitate other communication, such as contacting friends and family, making doctor’s appointments, paying bills, contacting Medicare or other social services, or making a telephone transaction with their bank.

Video Relay Services (VRS) are competitive. Knowing more about VRS and which company provides the best services allows you as a consumer to make an informed decision about videophone, IP or telecommunications relay services. You should provide feedback online to improve the service. It's a simple process. Enter the relay provider’s name, operator number and your feedback on the service you received. If we don't provide them with information on what we want, how can they improve?