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Interpreter/CART - Consumer

How can an individual request an interpreter/CART?

Picture on a person handing a note to another person.

A deaf or hard of hearing individual can request an interpreter or CART services by informing the entity (i.e. doctor office, lawyer, theater, school, etc.) at the time of scheduling the appointment. It is the responsibility of the entity to cover these services.

For more information about providing interpreters, please see: Who Provides an Interpreter?

Notify the company or business that you will need a sign language interpreter or CART services. It can take some time for the entity to locate an interpreter/CART provider, especially if the entity has never worked with one before. It is a good idea that there is documentation of the request (i.e. hand written note, email, etc.) Although having documentation is not required under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), it will show evidence of your request.

If the professional refuses to hire an interpreter/CART provider then perhaps you could take a stand and advocate for yourself.

If you are an entity who needs additional information on how to request services, please read our Interpreter/CART - Private page.