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Smart911 and Emergency Dispatch Centers

Smart911 is a nationwide program that offers individuals the opportunity to provide important details about themselves which could help emergency personnel respond more effectively in the event of an emergency.

Even if your county does not yet offer Smart911 services, you are encouraged to register anyway so your information will be available to emergency services when you travel to other counties or states that do have it. We have prepared an ASL/captioned video in which Executive Director Virginia Moore explains Smart911 in further detail. Click the image of the video at the bottom of this page to watch it. You may also click the Smart911 image to go to their website, learn more about their services and register if you choose.


Original image courtesy of: Inqvisitor [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Map Legend Blue counties: Smart911 is available.
 Red counties: Smart911 is not available.

Popup Infobox Legend    White text: County name.
     Blue text: Smart911 is available.
      Red text: Smart911 is not available.
Orange text: County's dispatch center information.
  Green text: Text to 911 is available.


Click image below to watch a video of Virginia Moore talking about Smart911.

Go to the Smart911 website to learn more and to sign up for services.