DeaFestival-Kentucky 2006
The Kentucky Center / Belvedere
Louisville, Kentucky
July 1, 2006

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Comments on DeaFestival KY 2006

I just wanted you to know that Bernice and I had a great time at the DeaFestival. I didn't get out to see much since I had my booth in the Visual Artist Venue, but enjoyed what did see. I sketched so many people that day, which was also enjoyable, and many told me I had sketched them years ago. It was a great day for both of us and we liked the arrangements you made, it was so pleasant to be there. Thank you.

- Jack Cochran, Bernice Woods - Visual Artists

WoW what a weekend and holiday. I think the DeaFestival was neat and I got to see opening ceremonies at noon though I was supposed to be working at the Commission booth. But I wanted to see the Governor! Bobbie Beth did a super job with him on stage and it looked like he was more comfortable after Dan Kelly's introduction. It was nice to see Governor Ernie Fletcher attached to us and signing, I think that was good. My niece and nephew said their eyes were opened seeing the festival for the first time and they felt very impressed. I was pooped after working the sales booth. I don't think it could have been any warmer outside....whew. I wish the whole festival could be inside so everyone would be cool.

- Betty Timon, KCDHH Commissioner and Hard of Hearing Advocate

On Saturday, July 1st, I walked quickly around the exhibits, and then parked myself in the Bomhard Theater to watch the shows. I especially enjoyed watching Pinky Aiello work. What a great emcee -- she was so personable, connecting really well with everyone, and funny, funny, funny! DeaFestival staff was amazing, you must all really be tired... darting here and there and taking care of business invisibly within the festival. Very well organized and seamless coordination it appeared! Great job to KCDHH Staff!

- Mary Hamilton, KY Storytelling Association

I just wanted to thank you for letting me be a part of DeaFestival on July 1st. I have organized some events in the past and know how much hard work goes into them. You did a wicked (Rhode Island translation.awesome) job! I had a great time and look forward to doing it again in 2008!

- Barbara Barnes, Volunteer Extraordinaire

I felt so honored to be invited to come to the DeaFestival again and really enjoyed the big event and seeing everyone! I'm envious of the KCDHH team - you all look like a great team and have so much fun working together! In retrospect, I am blown away by how successfulKCDHH has made the DeaFestival. How do you manage to attract 10,000 people? How do you manage to do the fundraising to support all the performers and artists for the weekend? I have been involved with a couple of conferences and know how challenging fundraising can be! Great work! Lastly, congratulations on pulling off another great DeaFestival in 2006!

- Wendy Osterling, Pediatrician in Dare to Dream segment of SpotLights

I have some good pictures at children's tent from DeaFestival and I would like to send some pictures to KCDHH to use in a scrapbook. My two girls are in the photos and my four year old daughter is deaf. We all really enjoyed it a lot!

- Alice Godfrey, DeaFestival attendee