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Come to the DeaFestival
and tour Louisville, KY!

KAD's 4th of July

A Look Back At
DeaFestival 2010

Pinky's Thoughts About
DeaFestival 2012

DeaFestival 2012 Performer Tammy Ellis
Is A Unique "Asloquist"

Welcome To Louisville!

Blake Campbell Explains
What You Can Do In Louisville

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The 51st Biennial National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Conference was held at the Louisville Regency Hyatt and the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky, July 3-7, 2012. The DeaFestival was held in partnership with the 51st Biennial NAD Conference. Please contact the KCDHH for all questions about DeaFestival Kentucky.

The NAD was responsible for all conference-related programming and activities. Please visit the NAD Conference webpage to find general and detailed conference information, i.e.: schedule, Opening Ceremony, College Bowl, Miss Deaf America Ambassador Finals and Live Auction, NAD BBQ Dinner Benefit, Youth Luncheon, GLBT Luncheon, and Senior Citizens Luncheon, Order of the Georges and Georgettes Breakfast, hotel, transportation, workshops, exhibits, and registration.