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Mindy Moore

Mindy Moore

Mindy Moore is widely considered a deaf multi-talented lady. The passion of theater has always been in her blood. She departed from high school for Gallaudet University and became drawn into the TV/Media program. While at Gallaudet, she composed scripts and performed in the TV show, Deaf Moonlite Show, and also was involved in several sitcoms. This is when Mindy became spellbound with the film aspect of performing. Mindy passed the experience she had achieved to students at Texas School for the Deaf, where she also works as a Drama/Deaf Studies and Art instructor. She starred in the film “Forget Me Not” and the film “The Wrong Game”, both of which were avid successes.

Mindy travels all over America with her husband Theron Parker and two sons, Elon and Nash. The stellar duo is always conducting workshops, performances, and children's storytelling. Theron and Mindy have been scripting and filming commercials in their spare time. In addition to all these accomplishments, Mindy is also a producer for ASL FILMS and is in the process of establishing her own non-profit organization for children's movies.

Mindy has appeared at DeaFestival numerous times, several with Theron, and we welcome her back in 2012 as she appears in the Children’s Program and serves as emcee for the Jam Tent.


Sean Forbes

Sean Forbes

Sean is a musician on a mission. An accomplished and passionate drummer, rhythm pours out of him, when he breathes, walks, types at his keyboard or hits his drums. Music is in his blood, his cells; it’s just the way he is. He’s also deaf – and out to build a badly needed bridge between the music industry and deaf people everywhere.

Sean grew up in Detroit where his parents, both musicians, filled their home with the sounds of the Motor City: Mitch Ryder, Bob Seger, the Funk Brothers and more. Despite losing his hearing as a baby, Sean soaked up the beats and the vibrations, experiencing great music in his own way.

Inspired by what he calls “The Three B’s” (the Beastie Boys, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan), Sean started out making music videos in his basement and today is producing professional music videos with a focus on the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. He is a voice for not only his generation but deaf culture. He is co-founder of D-PAN, The Deaf Professional Arts Network, a non-profit organization that focuses on translating popular artists' songs into American Sign Language music videos for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

With his passion for music, Sean has opened the door to musical expression – a world historically considered off limits to people in the deaf community. His dream of music for all has helped to transform the way deaf people perceive music. Through his videos and his outreach to deaf people everywhere – particularly young people eager to feel included in popular culture – music is being presented to them as a beautiful symphony of thought and expression, available to all. The hearing community, too, is fascinated by his ASL translations of musical hits and is clamoring for more. Since 2008, Forbes has also performed in over 20 cities across the US and has appeared in front of over 15,000 people.

Sean Forbes is living proof that if you have enough passion and dedication, magic happens and dreams come true. “The world is run by those who show up,” he says, “And I’m showing up.”


TL Forsberg

TL Forsberg

Known for her emotional candidacy, as the HOH Singer in the award winning film “See What I’m Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary.” TL Forsberg is a Canadian-born international performer: a singer, songwriter and performer who incorporates her original rock music, advante-grade fashion and Sign Language in one show stopping theatrical performance.

Recently honored with a pearl award for her innovative work as an artist in the Deaf community. TL proudly self-identifies “Deaf”, and continues to break boundaries in the universal perception of what it means to be Deaf, while using her music as a platform for advocacy, diversity, and the need for healing in all communities.

TL proudly completed her album “The Kriya Project”; has licensed over a dozen songs to TV & Film; wrote the theme song “DEAFinitely” for the first ever “Miss Deaf International Pageant”; appeared with rappers “CEE-LO” and “T-PAIN” on FUSE TV; appeared in VH1’s reality TV series “SUPERGROUP”; performed at the Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos concert; Much Music, MTV, Ozzfest, 105.3 Rock Radio,and was voted one of “LA’s best kept secrets” by Music Connection Magazine.

TL just recently completed her first music video for her debut song “LIQUID LOVE” the soundtrack theme song for the teenage vampire film “Chastity Bites.” After seeing her story in “See What I’m Saying”, TL was recently written in as an ongoing cast member playing “Olivia” on the ABC Disney Family Series, “SWITCHED AT BIRTH” and invited to perform next to finalist Chris Mann on NBC’s “THE VLOICE.” TL is quickly gaining success as an international touring artist, an actress, advocate and speaker.

For more information please visit: www.TLForsberg.com.

Beethoven's Nightmare

Beethoven's Nightmare

Beethoven’s Nightmare is the first and only Deaf rock band in the world consisting of Ed Chevy, Bob Hiltermann, and Steve Longo with a style all of their own. They provide music in collaboration with visual performing artists, which infuse American Sign Language, mime, and dance. This amazing gift of music and ability to perform is quite an accomplishment for a Deaf rock band who originally composed their own music and released their first CD titled "Turn It Up Louder".

Since then, Beethoven’s Nightmare has successfully been performing for all ages and has sold out many concerts across the United States and Europe. Thousands of cheering fans have witnessed this history-making band and enjoyed the evening of fun-filled entertainment. Come see them at the Jam Tent!


Ed Chevy

Ed Chevy

Bassist – From Honolulu, Hawaii, Ed has an illustrious career as a multi-celebrated ASL performing artist; he is often referred to as “Deaf Elvis.” He has extensive experiences with music, teaching ASL, comedy, storytelling, coaching/directing Hawaii Deaf Theater and leadership training; he is known as the “Ka Kuli Leo Aloha” (The Deaf Man of Hawaii) in the Pacific Rim, reflecting years of constant experiences in the entertainment industry.

Steve Longo

Steve Longo

Guitarist – Born a navy brat in Bethesda, Maryland, Steve first picked up a guitar at the age of 12, after the Beatles made an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. He met Ed Chevy in 1968 and they formed a duo. Steve formed a band and did several debuts on campus as a student at Gallaudet University, where the Beatles, Byrds, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the Animals influenced him. After graduation, Steve. Ed, and Bob co-founded the MUSIGN group to translate songs in sign language using mime, music and show effects. His interest now lies in Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), and he performed a one-man show using the computer to accompany him with several instruments (drums, bass, and synthesizer) as he plays on the guitar. Steve now resides in Hayward, CA.

Bob Hiltermann

Bob Hiltermann

Drummer – Bob is a multi-talented musician who performs magic tricks in addition to playing the keyboard, drums, and percussion. Born in Germany and raised in Canada, he was influenced by the classical musicians within his family. He met Steve Longo and Ed Chevy at Gallaudet University, where the three formed America’s first deaf rock and roll band, The Funk; the rest is history. Bob appeared in the critically acclaimed motion picture Children of a Lesser God, the CBS television movie A Bridge to Silence and numerous other TV series and commercials. He was recently part of the "See What I'm Saying" phenomena. Bob also writes songs, poems screenplays, and TV pilots.

Welcome him to SpotLights as he performs with Ed Chevy and then when he appears in the Jam Tent when Beethoven's Nightmare Band rocks the house!


WAWA Snipe

Warren "WAWA" Snipe

When you go to "Wawa's House”, you’ll be taken to a whole new level of music through DEAF eyes! Yes, deaf as in can't hear - but wears hearing aids and he speaks and signs - ALL VERY WELL!. This multi-talented performer with a fan base across the nation and beyond is originally from Philadelphia, now residing in the Washington, DC area. This consummate entertainer has been performing since childhood and has and does nearly everything in the entertainment world, plus traveled the globe for the past dozen years. Known affectionately as "WAWA", Warren Snipe has written powerful poems and songs and his passion for music grew to a point that he had to share with the world. So watch out 'MAINSTREAM' music/rap/sign-dance world...HERE COMES "DIP-HOP" ... doing what Wawa does best…..breaking down barriers and taking on challenges. Wawa's the type that likes to break down barriers, every day in every way moving one step closer to his life's personal goal...to put Deaf recording artists on the mainstream music map! The world's going to know a new music genre: DIP-HOP (Deaf hip-hop). DIP HOP is Hip-Hop thru deaf eyes. Nowadays people see and understand Hip-Hop through hearing culture but what about the deaf? Wawa's lyrics take you into the Deaf World. Using a wide variety of music genre (Dip-Hop, Hip-Hop, House, Fusion, etc), Wawa's making sure that the Deaf community is getting HEARD! Spread the LOVE!

Wawa will serve as emcee of the 51st Biennial Conference Opening Ceremonies to be held at the Louisville Bats baseball stadium, and will perform for the audience as well. Then he will appear on the SpotLights stage and at the Jam Tent at DeaFestival.



Tristan Thunderbolt

Tristan Thunderbolt

Deaf Native American Actor who can do just about anything...except hear.

Tristan just finished filming a short film by Broken Ears Productions. "Silence of the Ghost". We had found a 10 year old deaf girl to play the ghost and she did well! Look for rising star Samantha McBride in her debut film. We are about to start editing this short soon.

Tristan is working on a screen play, a book and will be doing few Motivational speeches in Northern California.

Wild Zappers

Wild Zappers / National Deaf Dance Theater – Invisible Hands, Inc.

With a powerful combination of American Sign Language, music and dance, the Wild Zappers focus on the beauty of dance, theater and sign language, giving audiences an opportunity to experience professional performing arts of the deaf.

Founded in 1989 by Irvine Stewart with the support of Fred Michael Beam and Warren “Wawa” Snipe, they promote cultural and educational awareness through entertainment within deaf and hearing communities.

Based in Prince George’s County, Maryland, members of The Wild Zappers, mostly Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop dancers, have a wide variety of performance experience and theater affiliations. The Wild Zappers have appeared at Gallaudet University, the Kennedy Center’s Millenium Stage, Miss Deaf DC, Black Family Reunion, DC Black Expo, Miss Deaf Maryland, and numerous government agencies. Around the country, they have performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem; Imagination Celebration in Forth Worth, Texas; Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida; and Deaf festivals in many states. The troupe has also toured Japan, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands, and visited Brisbane, Australia for the World Federation of the Deaf.

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