DeaFestival-Kentucky 2006
The Kentucky Center / Belvedere
Louisville, Kentucky
July 1, 2006

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Picture of Pinky Aiello PINKY AIELLO  Pinky has traveled extensively through the U.S., studying Deaf culture and American Sign Language, and is now pursuing her certification as a Certified Deaf Interpreter with the goal of working as a Deaf Advisor, Deaf Consultant, International Signer, Platform Interpreter, and Deaf/Blind Interpreter. Pinky recently starred in her DVD, "Pinky Tells The Real Story: Videophone & Video Relay Service." In this series of dramatized vignettes, she explores the world of video relay interpreting from both the Deaf individual's and the interpreter's perspective, with her own special brand of humor. Pinky is a long time favorite of DeaFestival and did a FANTASTIC job as Emcee for the SpotLights Program of DeaFestival 2006. During 2006, Pinky received the award for "Best Art Direction" from Toronto, Canada INTERNATIONAL Deaf Film Festival!

Pinky's new show A Deaf-woman entertainer "Pinky tells the Real Story Videophone & Video Relay Service" is now touring! For more information, visit

Picture of Alan Abarbanell ALAN ABARBANELL, or better known as Abababa is the last hearing son born to deaf parents. In his performance he shares his experiences about begining to notice not-so-subtle differences between his friend's lives and his life. These differences became the basis for what is now his national comedy tour. Abababa (a name given to him by a fellow coda who couldn't pronounce Abarbanell) credits the intersection between the Deaf and Hearing worlds with inspiring his raucous humor and somewhat altered perspective on life, and his ability to transform into different characters. "Standing between the various worlds of my youth, I have come to this conclusion; given enough resources, technology and latitude there is no limit to the depths of human stupidity and what it can achieve." Unfortunately, due to a personal illness Abababa did not appear at DeaFestival KY 2006!

Picture of Levi and Clay Anderson LEVI AND CLAY ANDERSON, The Anderson Twins, grew up in the small New Mexico town of Milan. They were the only twins in the town, and Levi was the only Deaf child. They tried as hard as they could to be saints, but unfortunately trouble always found them! And being in such a small town, their father always found out! Clay and Levi put on a performance that had everyone laughing in the isles from their "life experiences". Their performance showcased real life events, made up events that could have happened, such as Clay interpreting for Levi in him mother's womb, and stuff that is so unrealistic it has to be a story....a good, funny, story! Everyone seemed to enjoy the Twins at the SpotLights stage during thier first DeaFestival KY performance. We hope to have them come back to Kentucky again in 2008!

Picture of James Gillies JAMES "CASEY" GILLIES, Deaf since he had the chicken pox when he was two years old, James grew up in two schools for the Deaf: North Dakota and Arkansas. James, graduated from Gallaudet University in 1979 with a B.A. in art. He now works as an adjunct teacher of ASL at Johnson County Community College. Over his life he has collected many unique deaf ghost stories from various states and has published the book, "The Legend of Five Great Deaf Ghost stories." He is also working on another fantasy book and enjoys drawing ink-and-pencil pictures. James's goal is to become a full-time writer in the future. James's performance on the SpotLights stage was "frightening" as we listened to ghost stories, and his traditional Scottish garb amazed and amused many a DeaFestival participant as he wandered the grounds during DeaFestival 2006!

Picture of Sherry Hicks SHERRY HICKS Sherry is an extraordinary woman artist who has developed into an exceptional solo and collaborative performance artist. Her work focuses on improvization in ASL storytelling and she has been interpreting professionally for over 25 years. Sherry blends the elements of theatre, music, movement and native ability with sign language with her uncanny ability to enchant her audiences of all ages and backgrounds. ASL is her first language and all the members of her family are Deaf, she is the only hearing member (Oh Coda) (Only Hearing Child of Deaf adults) of her family. Sherry performed at the first DeaFestival KY in 1996 and joined us again for our 10th year of production at DeaFestival KY 2006. "Mabel" performened during the SpotLights Program, much to the amusement of the audience. Sherry also enthralled us with her interpretation of music and ability to put sounds into signs.

WILD ZAPPERS  Fred M. Beam, is currently the director of The Wild Zappers and The National Deaf Dance Theatre group. These two groups had us feeling the beat and dancing in the isles. Both groups work nationally and internationally and both are long time favorites of DeaFestival KY!   Group performers at DeaFestival 2006 included; Fred Beam, Warren "Wa-Wa" Snipe, Irvine Stewart, Ronnie Bradley, Marc Bowman, Vyron Kinson and Tara Dowing!   The group is now touring around the world and went to Paris, France, directly from DeaFestival 2006.


Picture of Mindy Moore and Theron Parker MINDY MOORE AND THERON PARKER  Mindy and Theron are multitalented entertainers that offer a wide variety of performances and workshops for the deaf and hard of hearing. Spectators rave about their unforgettable style. They are extremely versatile, excelling as actors, storytellers, poets, mimes and much more. Mindy's resume includes numerous leading roles in productions such as high school theatre, and Gallaudet University cable TV shows, Florida Avenue and Deaf Moonlite. She currently teaches drama, deaf studies and art at the Texas School for the Deaf and also directs plays and gives workshops. Theron fell in love with drama at the age of 10. He moved to Seattle after graduating high school and found that acting and art came naturally to him. For him, ASL storytelling is the most beautifulmusic imaginable and he wants to expose ASL to as many generations of deaf children as possible. Mindy performed solo until she met Theron at DeaFestival 2002, fell in love, married, and they now perform together as a team. Mindy & Theron currently perform at Deaf Worldwide Expos, have created several commercials and several movies, one of which was selected by the 2003 CIMI Festival in Chicago. Mindy and Theron Emceed the Children's Program, "Land of Narnia" and also performed as the characters Queen Jadis, the White Witch and Mr. Beaver, during DeaFestival 2006. Children and adults alike were entertained during the program which took us to a land of snow and imagination, even in the midst of summer heat. The diversity puzzle and water games were particularily entertaining for the children.

Mindy also appeared at DeaFestival 2006 as a Visual Artist, showcaseing her handcrafted tie-dyed clothing. Hopefully you didn't miss the opportunity to purchase something from her quality line of clothing and scarfs. For more information:

Picture of Colin Analco COLIN ANALCO  Born in Michigan and now a resident in Indiana, Colin is 15 years old and a sophomore at Indiana School for the Deaf. He has a deaf twin, Casey and one artistic sister named Jacquelin. Colin loves reading, science, technology, and drama. His first performance was at age four in Michigan for Singing Hands. He recently performed in "Flowers in the Dark". He is currently acting in "Me Never Know You" a new movie which will be released soon. Colin lives in Noblesville, Indiana with his parents Gary and Carol Analco and joined Deafestival KY 2006 as he portrayed Edmund, in the "Land of Narnia" adventure!

Picture of Sophia Rae Brunton SOPHIA RAE BRUNTON  Born and raised in Danville, KY, Sophia is 17 years old and a 11th grader at Model Secondary School for the Deaf. She is the daughter of Eva Olson and Daniel Brunton, has two sisters, Mickie and Danielle, and two nephew and three nieces. Her entire family is deaf. Sophia loves bicycling, reading, playing soccer and playing basketball. She either wants to be a veterinarian or pursue a career in accounting. Sophia made her first appearance at DeaFestival 2006 as she portrayed Lucy the Valiant in the "Land of Narnia" adventure.

Picture of Tammy Jo Ellis TAMARA "TAMMY" ELLIS  is a nationally known Deaf entertainer and the only professionally performing Deaf Ventriloquist in the world. She first made her debut at various US schools for the Deaf and performed for audiences at Gallaudet University, Deaf Awareness functions and several Deaf Festivals across the country. Her performance captivates children and adults with mimic dialogue and improvisational skits that warm the hearts of every audience. She has built a reputation in the Deaf community with her performances and is currently working Nationally, performing with renowned Deaf entertainers such as Peter Cook, Linda Bove, Chuck Baird, Bill Carwile, Phyllis Frelich, and C.J. Jones. Tammy's performances are diverse and versatile enough for any Deaf related event. Tammy has previously performed at Gallaudet University Theatre Arts Department presenting "Vignettes of the Deaf Character", "The Fallout Shelter", "The Deaf Chef", "Lysistrata" by Aristophanes and "Prelude". Tammy has also appeared on cable TV as a spokesperson for Deaf culture and performed with Freddy X in "What is Up, Gallaudet", "Unique Toy" and "Did you know that?" on Gallaudet's campus. Tammy appeared in the "Land of Narnia" adventure as Queen Susan the Gentle, during DeaFestival KY 2006.

Picture of Jeremy Quiroga JEREMY QUIROGA  is Q's Illusions. It isn't magic but erroneous perceptions of reality in ASL which he performs. Jeremy specializes in A to Z Frenzies, classifier and hand shape stories, ASL Poetry and of course, Illusions. Jeremy has performed at the last three DeaFestival's in "Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings" and again during 2006 in "Land of Narnia", where he will portray Mr. Tumnus, the Faun. He was so exceptional in this role that even Governor Fletcher was taken aback when he trotted out to meet him before Opening Ceremonies, with his umbrella and animal-like expressions of greeting. It was a sight to be seen! Jeremy was also a Visual Artist of handcrafted Metalwork at the Studio Artist Venue inside the Kentucky Center. Hopefully you were able to see his beautifulpieces of artwork, or perhaps purchase one for your own!?

Picture of Mark Wood MARK WOOD  grew up in Northern California and attended CSD of Fremont. His passion is acting and he loves to express the art of storytelling into real life! His first taste of public acting was at 14 when he won a storytelling completion and realized he had a talent for pursuing an acting career. Mark also does producing and directing and has done, "The Miracle Worker", "Any Number Can Die" and "Flowers in the Dark" during 2005. He has held a job at ISD as a Distance Learning ASL instructor since 2004, but during the summer of 2006 he is acting as a director and producer for a movie "Me Never Know You" that will be ready in the Fall 2006. Mark lives in Fishers, Indiana with his wife Tanya and their son, Jasper. Mark joined DeaFestival KY 2006 for the first time as he portrayed Aslan, the Great Lion in the "Land of Narnia" adventure!

Picture of Travis Zornoza TRAVIS ZORNOZA  better known as TZ to his friends, was born in Danville, but grew up in Frankfort. TZ, his mom Lisa, dad Hugo, and brother Cochise, do many things together.  TZ is deaf and attends the Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD) in Danville. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball, and likes to make electronic things with toy cars. TZ's dream is to be an actor, and earn a living performing, like those he sees around him at DeaFestival KY. He has taken up juggling and magic tricks and showcased this talent at DeaFestival KY 2004, in the "Lord of the Rings" production. He joined us again in 2006 to perform in the Children's Program where he portrayed Peter, The Magnificent in the "Land of Narnia" adventure.