DeaFestival 2014 Filmmaker's Showcase

Deafestival Film Showcase Submission

Film Festival Date: August 30th, 2014
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Submission Deadline: July 11, 2014   July 18, 2014


To all the Deaf filmmakers on the planet,

Here's your shot to showcase your best work to the public at Deafestival-Kentucky in Louisville, Kentucky on August 30th, 2014. DeaFestival will be bringing in thousands of patrons and the film festival will be taking place inside the beautifulKentucky Center for the Arts. Mind you, this is just to showcase your work. It's not a film competition so there's no prize or award except recognition for your film. Also, there is no entry fee to submit your work. Sounds good, right?!

If you are interested, please follow the submission requirements in order to be selected.

  • Must be created by Deaf or Hard of Hearing Filmmaker
  • Your film must be less than 20 minutes
  • Must have closed captions or subtitles burned into your film
  • Must be done after 2010
  • No excessive profanity and nudity
  • Can accept both US and International films
  • We accept all genres such as:
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Horror/Thriller/Suspense
  • Experimental
  • Music Video
  • Documentary
  • If your film fits the requirements, great! We suggest that you upload your film in youtube and share the link for us to view your film upon your submission.

    To send us the submission, please email us at and include the following information.

  • A completed Short Films Application* attached to the email
  • Headshot of you attached to the email
  • A youtube link to your film should be included in your "Short Film Application", if it's private - please include password.
  • If this is your first screening, please let us know in the body of your email!
  • Best of Luck!

    Adrean Mangiardi
    Deafestival Film Showcase Coordinator

    * Please follow these instructions for completing and attaching the Short Films Application to an email:

  • Right click on the "Short Films Application" link above and then save the document to your computer (do not open the document in your browser and complete it there - THIS WILL NOT WORK!).

  • Once saved, go to the location of the document on your computer then open it with Adobe Reader** and complete the form.

  • Once you complete the form, save the file.

  • Close the form.

  • Re-open the form to ensure that your information saved correctly within the form.

  • If you find that your information did save properly, close the form then attach it to an email addressed to the address above.

  • If your information did not save properly, try the above steps again.

  • If you find that it still didn't work, then please reproduce the contents of the form by typing it out in an email along with your corresponding information and send it that way.
  • ** If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download it for free here.