QUOTES from DeaFestival 2004

----- Visual Artist, Elaine Laird

"KCDHH staff functioned as a TEAM better than any agency production crew I have seen."
------Performer, Trix Bruce

"These people seem so happy to see one another that they don't even notice those of us here to assist them with directions. I've never seen a group that seemed so close and so much a part of the production. I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience even if I couldn't speak the language."
-------Ky Center Volunteer

"I always feel like home when I am at DeaFestival-Kentucky. I've attended all six so far and I hope to attend future event. Ethan, my son, cried when we had to leave on Monday as he did not want to leave the festival setting he had come to know through the week."
------Performer, Peter Cook

"While we stunned the deaf audience with our statement of mourning our hearing loss verses celebration of culture, we were equally stunned by anyone thinking we fit into two worlds as we often feel we fit in neither the hearing world or within deaf culture. A few more stunned interchanges like this and we might actually start understanding each other."
------Performer, Mary Lee Nelson

"Craft Artists, whose booths were outside, should be allowed the same choice to move inside with Visual Artists and make a living selling our work same as they do. We pay more for our booths and were not afforded the same opportunities. Is this fair?"
-------Craft Artist, Chuck Whitlow

"I received more information, advanced scheduling and training than I've ever gotten in the past as a DeaFestival volunteer. The KCDHH contact was very informative making it easier to know what I needed to do to help and this year's volunteers were more organized and productive than I've experienced in the past."
------Volunteer, George Payne

"I want a bigger space at DeaFestival 2006, I want a whole room to spread out and sell products as well as demonstrate new technology."
-------TMobile Sponsor, Chris Welch

"Whew, I've never seen such interest in technology, it's hot this year. DeaFestival allows technology sponsors to really get the word out and reach the crowd."
-----Hamilton Sponsor, Amy Watson

"The day is over but I hate to go home. Going home means I have to go back to the hearing world and I've enjoyed being here, where I feel comfortable and at home with individuals who are interested in my work. I'm just hanging around trying to grasp the full experience and stretch it out as long as I can. Thank you for this opportunity, please invite me back in 2006."
-----Deaf Author, Stevie Platt

"I enjoyed it so much. Working with TZ the young juggler was such a pleasure. He is talented and wants to work to become a performer himself. I was amazed when he picked up my smaller unicycle and took off waving at the crowd. I felt proud to be part of a festival that encourages young artists and performers as that is the only way to keep our art alive."
------Performer, Pinky Aiello

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