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                                                                                            DeaFestival Host / Emcee:  Pinky Aiello
                                                                                                          1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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Event Schedule


Performance Titles







1:00 PM

Pinky Aiello

VRS the Real Story

1:20 PM

Robert DeMayo

Me Hear None

1:40 PM

T L Forsberg

Not Deaf Enough?

2:00 PM

Clay and Levi Anderson

Return of the Anderson Twins

2:20 PM

Sean Forbes

I’m Deaf

2:40 PM

CJ Jones

Life is Good

3:00 PM

Bob Hiltermann / Ed Chevy

Eddie n the Bob

3:20 PM

Roger Vass

Life Is Good / The Back Road

3:40 PM

Roy Farmer

Deaf Man Walking

4:10 PM

Peter Cook

Faces of Peter 

4:30 PM

Wa Wa Snipe

Signs of Life

4:50 PM

Pinky Aiello / Anderson Twins









See you in the Jam Tent!






See you again on July 7th 2012 in Louisville after the NAD Conference


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