J A M  T E N T

DeaFestival Host / Emcee:  Sean Forbes

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Sponsored by THE Z

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Event Schedule

Artist / Group


Performance Title

5:00 pm

Sean Forbes

I’m Deaf

5:20 pm

C J Jones / Bob Hiltermann

Deaf Jam

5:35 pm

Jarrell Robinson

So You Think You Can Dance

5:50 pm

T L Forsberg

Not Deaf Enough?

6:05 pm

Wa Wa Snipe

Signs of Life

6:25 pm

Beethoven’s Nightmare Band

Rock Down the House

6:50 pm

Sean Forbes & all performers

Closing / Wrap Up







8:00 pm

See What I’m Saying – Deaf Documentary

Movie at KY Reparatory Theater


See you again on July 7th 2012 in Louisville after the NAD Conference


SUBJECT TO CHANGE   www.deafestival.org

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