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Children's Program Emcee

Peter Cook

Peter Cook is an internationally reputed deaf performing artist whose work incorporates American Sign Language, pantomime, storytelling, acting and movement. Audiences will likely find the stories so captivating that Peter's dynamic, humorous and often poignant facial expressions hardly need the accompanying verbal interpretation. Peter has performed at the White House, appeared on PBS and at numerous festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe.


Clay and Levi Anderson

How often do you get to see Deaf and hearing twins on stage talking about their experiences as individuals or ... perhaps as twins? Hence, the Anderson twins, with their tad heavy, bald Deaf men coming in to provide the humor perspective to entertain the Deaf Communities, hearing or deaf alike, across the nation!

Levi and Clay Anderson grew up in the small New Mexico town of Milan. They were the only twins in the town, and Levi was the only Deaf child. They tried as hard as they could to be saints, but unfortunately trouble seemed to find them. And being in such a small town, their father would always be the first to know!

“This is where the boys get their sense of humor, they have been trying to impress people since they were in diapers!” said their dad, Frank Anderson.

Clay and Levi have come up with a show that will have you laughing out loud. Of course, the show is based on real-life events, made-up imaginations (Realistic, of course!) and stuff that is impossible to be told but someone has to do this, right?

They join us again in 2010 for the third time and will appear in the Children’s program and SpotLights Main Stage.

Tammy Ellis

Tamara “Tammy” Ellis is a nationally known Deaf entertainer. She first made her debut at various US schools for the Deaf and performed for audiences at Gallaudet University, Deaf Awareness functions and several Deaf Festivals across the country. Her performance captivates children and adults with mimic dialogue and improvisational skits that warm the hearts of every audience. She has built a reputation in the Deaf community with her performances and has worked with many renowned Deaf entertainers such as Peter Cook, Linda Bove, Chuck Baird, Bill Carwile, Phyllis Frelich, and C.J. Jones.

Tammy has performed at DeaFestival off and on since 1998 and we welcome her back in 2010 as she appears in the “We Communicate” Children’s program.

Rob Roy

Robert Roy Farmer

A Deaf Man walks with the style of Stand-Up comedy, signed songs and visual skits. You are along the road of his 10 year World Tour!

"Robert Roy Farmer (“Rob Roy”) grew up near the popular beach suburb of Scarborough in Western Australia. After starting a career in bricklaying, which he found didn't quite satisfy his natural flair for the dramatic, he moved to Sydney and successfully auditioned for an acting position with the Australian Theatre of the Deaf (ATOD) in 1993. Rob Roy remained with the company for 4 years and developed his natural talent via workshops and training opportunities ‘on the job', including studying at the National Theatre of the Deaf summer school in USA.

In 1998, Anthony Clews from Sydney and Rob establish a one-man show – the “Rob Roy Show”. The first show was performed at Shepherds Bush Deaf Club in London , UK on 3 January 1998. The show was taken on the road, and appearances have been made in more than150 shows in 70+ cities and in 25 countries.

Over the past few years he has managed to take his exciting and unique brand of visual theater, including skits, signed songs, storytelling and jokes which are all visually imaginative and make them appeal to audiences in numerous countries. One of the highlights of Rob Roy's career was performing in front of 9,000 people at the Deafway II conference in Washington DC in 2002. The audience went wild after his outstanding performance!

We welcome Rob Roy to his first DeaFestival KY as he performs in the Children’s program and on the SpotLight’s stage.

Ivan Gonzalez

Ivan Gonzalez

Ivan Gonzalez, age 19, is a Senior at the Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD). His hometown is Louisville, Ky. Ivan was the KSD Student Body Government Treasurer in 2009 and served as class treasurer from 2007-2009. Ivan won the KSD “Signing with the Stars” event in 2010 and as 1st place champion won an all expenses paid trip to DeaFestival and a spot on the stage with Peter Cook.

Ivan is also an accelerated reader and took 2nd place in the school contest in 2010. He plans to attend Gallaudet University or the National Technical Institute for the Deaf after graduation in 2011.

Come see Ivan “Sign with the Stars” during the Children’s program as his first appearance at DeaFestival.

Brandon Henry

Brandon Henry

Born in Maryland, Brandon was one year old when his family moved to Austin, Texas. He now attends Texas School for the Deaf and is in the ninth grade. He is involved in various activities; with acting is one of his favorite.

During his elementary years, he was involved in the school play every year. With this training he got the role as Brom Bones in the “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” under DeafACT, Inc. Brandon became restless when there was no drama class in middle school and began looking at other ways to act. He discovered YouTube and has made several videos under “Dwarfguy96”. He has performed at previous DeaFestival’s and will make another appearance as the “Roving Jr. Reporter” as he interviews participants and performers and posts those interviews to YouTube afterwards.

Mindy Moore

Mindy Moore

Mindy Moore is widely considered a deaf multi-talented lady. The passion of theater has always been in her blood. She departed from high school for Gallaudet University and became drawn into the TV/Media program. While at Gallaudet, she composed scripts and performed in the TV show, Deaf Moonlite Show, and also was involved in several sitcoms. This is when Mindy became spellbound with the film aspect of performing. Mindy passed the experience she had achieved to students at Texas School for the Deaf, where she also works as a Drama/Deaf Studies and Art instructor. She starred in the film “Forget Me Not” and the film “The Wrong Game”, both of which were avid successes.

Mindy travels all over America with her husband Theron Parker and two sons, Elon and Nash. The stellar duo is always conducting workshops, performances, and children's storytelling. Theron and Mindy have been scripting and filming commercials in their spare time. In addition to all these accomplishments, Mindy is also a producer for ASL FILMS and is in the process of establishing her own non-profit organization for children's movies.

Mindy has appeared at DeaFestival numerous times, several with Theron, and we welcome her back in 2010 as she appears in the Children’s Program.

Theron Parker

Theron Parker

Theron Parker leads a notable career as a performer, instructor and presenter. Theron, renowned for his ABC stories, has produced four DVDs: In the Minds of Ed and Theron, Have ASL, Will Travel: Fables from Around the World, Folklore from Around the World, and Little Deaf Spies. Theron also appeared in Forget Me Not, and served as an assistant producer, set production assistant, and camera technician for ASL Films.

Theron also was part of Illusion of ASL, a deaf theater group, for five years. A certified Baby Signs® instructor, he teaches literacy through American Sign Language for his non-profit organization, ABC ASL, working with children and parents. A popular presenter, Theron travels the country and Canada to present workshops on different topics, ranging from Deaf humor to Deaf history to ASL storytelling. Theron’s videos can be seen on YouTube, or on

For Theron, ASL storytelling is the most beautifulmusic imaginable. With its natural beauty and expressiveness, he aspires to expose ASL to as many generations of deaf children and hearing people as possible. He makes his home with his family in Austin, TX.

Roger Vass

Roger Vass

Raised orally in Los Gatos, California and in a speaking only hearing family, Roger Vass did not learn American Sign Language until 1987 when transferred to CSD Fremont. He literately managed to learn ASL overnight, a rare feat. This was the seed that nurtured his personal growth through sign language and a hidden talent. Roger has not shut up ever since acquiring his natural language. Despite learning ASL in a short period of time, Roger managed to win 3rd place for best ASL storytelling contest at CSD Fremont, much to the surprise of everyone as well as himself.

His first foray into ASL theatre was at Ohlone College in California, with the 1989 play "Where our Dreams have Gone?" before he transferred to RIT in 1990. At RIT, he balanced his love for ASL with his inner geek and within the booming field of computer technology and media. Roger was the lead role actor in the 1995 Mosdeux production of "Vital Signs" which won accolades worldwide. He was involved with the play "Meta" directed by Patti Durr and won Best Supporting Actor in 1992.

Roger wore many hats during his five year tenure at Arizona State School for the Deaf and Blind in Tucson as a Vocational Instructor in media as Yearbook advisor for the students, Web/Media developer and TV/film producer. His first breakout on the national scene came with the PBS Special as ASL Narrator "Through Deaf Eyes." Other credentials include Director of Photography of the film "Wrong Game." Last National competition, Roger won 2nd place for Deaf Idol in NYC in 2008. Roger participated in the first round of ASL Live contest at the 2008 National Association of the Deaf convention in New Orleans.

Roger believes ASL is much like the written English language that it changes, adapts and morphs according to the person and environment. Roger Vass currently resides in Clearwater, Florida and happily works for ZVRS as Multimedia Director. He's the proud and loving father of two ASL fluent children Hunter and Ireland.

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